Wrongful Termination in an At-Will Employment State


Although Florida is one of many states where employees work ‘at will’, there are still situations where termination can be considered ‘wrongful’ in the eyes of the law. Unprincipled employers are counting on their wrongfully terminated employees to have an incomplete understanding of at-will employment. Even though employment laws in Florida heavily favor the employers, employees still have rights. Being fired because of one’s race, age, disability, gender or country of national origin is discriminatory and illegal.

At-Will Employment

It’s important for employees and workers across Southwest Florida to understand what at-will employment is and isn’t. “At-will employment” generally means that a worker can be fired for just about any reason or no reason at all. This type of employment leans heavily in the favor of the employer, which can leave workers with a well-deserved feeling of insecurity. Equally important, workers need to know that even in an at-will employment state, wrongful termination still exists. For example, firing somebody because of his or her race is wrongful termination. The employer can’t use at-will employment as an excuse for discrimination.

Wrongful Termination in Southwest Florida

Employers can lawfully fire employees in Southwest Florida for a number of reasons or no reason at all. A problem arises when an employee is fired because of his or her race, age, gender, disability, national origin or color. Employers in Florida don’t get a free pass on federal laws, just because they’re operating in an at-will state.

After Losing Your Job

If you suspect that you may have been wrongfully terminated, the best course of action is to speak with an experienced employment law attorney. With a growing feeling of worker insecurity across the nation, employees are less likely to speak up in fear of retaliation, but if you have been wrongfully terminated you need to contact an attorney swiftly. Business owners and managers who wrongfully terminate their employees are counting on worker insecurity and an incomplete understanding of at-will employment laws to keep them from being held accountable. Every situation is different, so contacting an attorney is a good place to start if you’ve been wrongfully terminated.

Legal Disclaimer: The above guidelines are educational in nature and do not create an attorney/client relationship. It is highly recommended that all Florida citizens with employment law issues contact an experienced local Florida employment law attorney to assist them with specific facts and circumstances regarding their labor and employment law matter. If you have been the victim of illegal activities at your workplace, then feel free to contact Attorney Rothman at Weldon & Rothman, PL toll free at (877) 730-5180 or via e-mail at info@weldonrothman.com

Bradley P. Rothman is an experienced Florida employment law attorney who has been recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star.  He is a principal member of Weldon & Rothman, PL – a Southwest Florida law firm with offices in Naples, Fort Myers, and Sarasota.

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