Bicycle Safety in Southwest Florida

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Although Naples is a bicycle-friendly city, most riders are still familiar with the dangers of navigating roadways on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for riders to have a ‘near miss’ or ‘close call’ story to share with friends and family members. Unfortunately, collisions with automobiles often leave cyclists in the hospital or worse. A bicycle rider doesn’t have the benefit of air bags, steel cages and safety belts. They’re truly at the mercy of other drivers on the roadway.

Share the Road with Cyclists

Many bicycle crashes happen because other drivers aren’t properly sharing the road. Drivers who merge into or abruptly stop in front of bicycle riders aren’t paying attention. They may be distracted or just not checking their blind spots. Bicycles are much smaller than cars, so drivers need to be vigilant about their distance and proximity to riders. Cutting off a bicycle rider at an intersection…

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